Why Collect?

If you've come to this website, chances are you find WWII history fascinating. While it was a period of unprecedented destruction and tragedy, it was also a time of great change and of events that still shape our lives today. While to some there may be something irresistible about the ruthless regime that was responsible for much of this war, the fact is German items of the period keep attracting more collectors, most of whom have little or no sympathy with National Socialism. In fact, demand for German items of the period keeps growing while the supply dwindles. The truth is that overall, most categories of Third Reich items have appreciated in value faster than most other types of collectibles, making them great investments as well.

Because the German military was very meticulous about what it issued, most parts were carefully inspected then stamped (with what is commonly referred to as a Waffenampt), and in the case of weapons, serial numbered. This is especially true of early period items, which add to their collectability. Late WWII items are characterized by their cruder manufacture and absence of markings, however with enough experience they not that difficult to authenticate. With regards to detecting fakes and non period items, the same advice applies to any type of collecting, mainly that nothing can replace thorough research and experience.