Authentic WW2 German manufactured K98/G43 cleaning rod. This is not a repro! (The threads on all the repros are wrong and will not screw in properly and in fact may damage your rifle's threads. Repros also do not have the V "cut" inside the notch to help keep the cleaning cloth in place, not to mention that the bluing is incorrect).

This early to mid war example has the typical "cosmetic finish", i.e. the machined rounded edges, indicating it was made circa 1940-42. After 42 German manufacturers simplified production by leaving cleaning rods "in the rough". This particular example has no serial numbers, making it the perfect replacement for your rifle. Some have "i" (Elite Diamant) or 'K" proofs (Firma Luch u. Wagner, Suhl), some without any.

The standard 12 1/2 inch (32 cm) length will fit all Mauser 98k rifles made during or after 1940, as well as G/K43s. Condition is very good, no rust or damage, original bluing.



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Early War German K98 Mauser Cleaning Rod No SN Numbered

K98 Mauser 12" Cleaning Rod No Serial Number Early WW2 German

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